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Hi-Lite Pink Fan

Hi-Lite Pink Fan

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Just highlight the most important things!✍️

Reflects and Refracts Light!

Fans feature a heavyweight patent-pending Hi-Lite Pink Fabric that reflects and refracts light! The fabric is attached to our Natural Bamboo ribs with a solid rivet.

This fan is a soft close/open Fan Style and will not Thwoorp. However, you can still get a more fluid open and close with use. 

*Changes Color Depending On The Light*


  • Large Size:  33cm Closed | 62cm Open (13in Closed | 24.5in Open.)  
  • Soft Open Close. (Not Loud.) 
  • Reflects and Refracts Light.
  • Cool Iridescent Colors.
  • Great Hand Feel.
  • Exclusive Design For Daftboy (Don’t Trust Knockoffs: Look for the db logo.) 
  • Earth Friendly! 🍃 Made with Renewable Bamboo and Non-Toxic Lacquers.
  • Rivet Attachment for a long-lasting Clack, Snap, and Thwoorp! 
  • Perfect for Every Occasion: Raves, Festivals, Drag Performances, Weddings, Pride and so much more!


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