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Your Entire Rainbow Outfit

It might seem like a long way away, but believe it or not, Pride is almost upon us! Before you realize it, rainbow flags will be everywhere, weekends will be filled with parties and events, and it will be time to get your special outfit on.

If you really want to go all out, why not show just how proud you are of being your true, authentic self by donning all things rainbow? From head to toe, you can be a shining beacon of colorful pride...now all you need is the right gear. If you’re missing something from your many-hued ensemble, here are some suggestions that will help you stand out while still sticking with the theme.

Don’t be one of those people who rushes around last minute to put something together that ends up being lackluster! Start shopping now to ensure you’ll have everything you need by the time the festivities begin and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how many people compliment you on being a walking, talking, dancing rainbow!

Your Fan

What could be gayer than a rainbow? A rainbow made out of sparkles, of course!

Holding a fan and using it properly is enough to let everyone at whatever pride party you’re attending know that you’re here, you’re queer, and you mean business...but there is so much more fun that can be had with these favorite accessories!

Daftboy has a rainbow sparkle fan available for every man or woman (or any person who identifies in any way) who wants to shine and display their pride. Isn’t that what the season is for, after all?

Your Leggings

I know, you might be thinking that leggings aren’t really a fit for pride season, as it’s not typically cold when we’re marching and celebrating...but wait until you set your sights on these babies. I can’t say I’m really a leggings kind of guy, but I can already think of a handful of parties where these would be a hit. Tight and colorful, these are the faux-pants you'll want to throw on to show off your physique (and, since these are available up to an XXXL, every sexy body can fit into one).

Put them on under shorts, a skirt, a dress, or, if you’re really feeling yourself, wear them entirely on their own and live your complete, skin-tight life.


Your Bag

Whether you’re carrying a complete costume change or simply your wallet and sunglasses, it’s best to have a bag on your shoulder that’s as proud as you are, and that’s not always easy to find (I’ve actually been looking for a while now). This simple-yet-expressive tote could be exactly what you need, and it’s completely versatile (and we stan a versatile queen). Bring it with you as you party hop on the big day of Pride, to a fiend’s pregame, or to the beach on Fire Island, Provincetown, or whatever warm locale you’re headed to this summer.

Your Shirt

Are you queer? Do you love wearing a brilliant pop of color? Do you simply not give a fuck? If you check any of those boxes—or, if you’re the best of them, all three at the same time—this could be a welcome addition to your t-shirt collection. The message comes through loud and queer, but don’t worry about it being too offensive—that’s what the rainbow is there for, of course. Go for the traditional background shades like white or black, or opt for something a bit more exotic, like the bright pink or the subdued green. However you choose to wear this tee, wear it with unabashed pride!

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